How do I contact the owner?
To contact Maryanne Myers, use the support ticket system at the "main hub" site: webstars2k ticket system

How can you offer a $10 super bonus, where does it come from?
When someone buys a premium account, they must buy an advertising seed package too. It starts at $3 and has email + banner advertising + extra webring benefits. You get that bonus from the second part of the sale (and between 35% to 97% of the first part of the sale), every couple of sales you get part of the extra super bonus. [$3 when you make your 3rd premium sale, $3 at your 6th sale, $3 at your 9th and $1 at the 10th sale = you make your premium license buy, come back to you!]

What is a Safelist?
It's a membership in which everyone can send their email ads to each other, using my dedicated server and my script. Mine are 100% custom programmed, never sold or bought and are 1 of a kind by me (Maryanne Myers). They sometimes have something that is not done by others and have done them since year 2000. It's optional and you don't have to participate in this part of the website.
Also, some people also call it a "mailer" It is the same exact thing. Some also call it "safelist mailer" also. Same thing. Some call them "viral mailer" - same thing (although it's beyond me how it's viral). But it's the same advertising tool.

What is a "webring"?
Way back in the internet day (a very long time ago), some websites chose to belong in a webring to gain traffic. They would all copy and paste the chosen webring code onto one or more of their web pages. I say chosen because they usually belong in certain categories. The webring box had "Next" or "Random" on it. When clicked it would go to another site that was a member of that ring. People would "travel the ring" looking for items, such as graphics, opportunities, paint shop pro graphic "tubes" (that was my favorite), advertising and etc. Being in a ring brought them traffic that they would not normally get, by piggyback.

How does your webring work?
#1ProfitRing works the same way but it's massively new and different. Instead of a big static graphic, it has advertisers in that space. The member who owns that webring and site will get paid 2 cents per ad and earns advertising credits everytime the ring is shown because they normally send traffic to their site.

What if I do not own a website?
You can use a website, "splash page" (I call it a Mini page), hosted sites such as Wix, your blog, etc But, this part is optional also. You don't have to participate in this part of the website.

How do I delete my account?
Login, go to the members menu. Scroll all the way down to the end of that page.

When do you pay commissions?
It is always on or around the middle of every month (the 16th). If there is incorrect payment info, that will push it to the next month or delay it.

I made a sale and got $8?
It is after the average payment processor fee, you get 97% or more of the sale.

It says I'm owed $0.1, but it's supposed to be 10 cents but it tells me it is 1 cent?
0.1 is ten cents. It doesn't display the zero on the end. 0.1 is different than 0.01
It goes for any number that has a zero on the end. Like 0.4 is actually 0.40


- "GET PREMIUM" (if a free member) or "ADVERTISING SEEDS" (if a premium member).
This is where you can become a premium member or add on more advertising seed packages if you're already premium.

You can click on the latest email ads sent, webring advertisements and banner ads to earn credits for your email ads or banners.

This is where you send your email ads. It is also where you can view the stats of previous email ads you sent and can correct them if you mispelled or forgot something in the url that you put in for your ads. MANY times someone has forgot to put the http:// in the website url or mispelled it. With #1ProfitRing, you can immediately go to your "Previous Emails" list and EDIT it. This is so your ad isn't wasted.
You can see your signups, send them free credits or put in that you want to be added to the list to those who want a payment.

These are banners, your referral urls fo the main page and your Mini Page, and an email ad that you can use to advertise on other websites to gain commissions and signups to your #ProfitRing account.

You can email your signups once per week with this. It should be about #1ProfitRing premium, advice, news or etc about the site. A good way to lose your signups and commissions is to slam them with outright ads, don't do it.
This page is where you pick sites to advertise your ads on the webrings, edit them, use/buy the ad poster tool. Every webring ad lasts 3 full days (72 hrs), shows a banner and textad with unlimited show for ONLY 2 CENTS to buy.

This is where you add your website in for the webring. YOU ONLY DO THIS IF YOU HAVE A WEBSITE, BLOG, ETC that has the webring box code on it (not your #1profitring referral pages and not referral pages where there is no webring box added to it). These sites are on the "RANDOM" link on the box and show for advertisers.

If you have a profit code, insert it here to get free advertising or cash. It can be used once per member.
You can convert your email ad credits to banner ad credits here, add, delete or assign banner ad credits to your banners.You can view them to make sure they show up correctly. If not, edit the url and make sure http:// is in the url. DO NOT USE HTML CODE - it looks like this: <a href=http://myban.com/you.gif> (that kind of stuff). It'll be stripped out and make your banner will not show correctly.

Put this 1 line code on your website to earn free email ad credits (.33 per time the webring is shown) and get paid by advertisers who put ads into your webring box. YOU ALSO EDIT YOUR 2 DEFAULT ADS ON THIS PAGE if no advertisers have taken the space yet. It'll just show yours instead so that space isn't wasted.

Adjust on whether you want to accept email ads, your name, your email address, your website (it shows on your referral pages) and you picture.
A list of members who have won advertising while clicking email ads.

A list showing members who have an advertising seed package(s), where the traffic to their pages is coming from in real time. It does not get on this list unless a visitor comes from that website. It's from the campaigns of over 1000 websites, and MILLIONS of advertising credits that the owner has stockpiled for over 4 years and is using.

It is an accurate list showing what other websites that the traffic to their pages is/or will be coming from. It's being sent to members who have an premium membership (it's only $10 - one time buy and use for several years).
Details about contests that may be going on.

You can convert your cash for credits and spotlight ads or credits for spotlight ads

If you have a spotlight ad credit, you can add it on this page. Spotlight ads show in email ads and on the "Earn Credits" page.

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Maryanne Myers - PHP Programmer + Internet Marketer + Web Designer + Network Owner
I have owned websites and have paid members through the years of 1998 to the Present